Huge Clone Collection for ORF cDNA, shRNA, Promoter and 3'UTR Reporter, precursor miRNA and miRNA inhibitors in divers vectors with and without tags (His, EGFP, mCHerry, Flag,...) as fusion or IRES-constructs, for bacterial, yeast, insect, Wheat Germ Cell-free and mammalian (non-viral or lentiviral) expression, but also in Gateway Plus Shuttle vector for further cloning. Lentiviral particles production and Packaging Systems. qRT-PCR Kits and pre-validated Primers for cDNA and miRNA detection, Luciferase Assays, Transcription Factor Assays for p53 and AP1/c-jun, MethylAffinityTM Methylated DNA enrichment kit. Vectors and Tools for AviTag-System.

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